Prime Mover

by Rocco of the Snow

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prime mov·er
/ˌprīm ˈmo͞ovər/

*a person or establishment that is chiefly responsible for the creation or execution of a plan or project.
*an initial natural or mechanical source of motive power.

The album title references arguably the oldest philosophical inquiry of humanity: whether there is a prime mover or ultimate higher force who set the dominos into action or if they've always been falling according to some divine pattern. Subsequently, how much influence do we have on our own lives? Are our choices simply a product of our biology mixed with the sum total of our experiences? Much of the lyrical content reflects this further, exploring illusory dualities such as fate vs. free will, internal versus external struggle, good vs evil, ego versus the higher self.

Rocco of the Snow is a New York City-based multi-instrumentalist & producer/engineer hailing from Buffalo, NY. In his music, you'll hear his Romantic era/Jazz sensibilities mixed with four-on-the floor dance grooves, funky key-basslines, analog synth-heavy production, and introspective bordering on self-indulgent lyrics, always coming together with the intention of holding melody to be paramount.

He was raised on Radiohead, Ben Folds Five, Brad Meldau, Sergei Rachmaninoff, & Jamiroquai, but later also fell in love with contemporary artists such as Little Dragon, James Blake, Jack Garratt, Vulfpeck, Bibio and Grizzly Bear, to name a few. He tours internationally on keyboards, bass and guitar. He writes, records and performs with several artists including Gin Wigmore, The Reign of Kindo, Jackson Harris. He has also performed with Ginuwine, Jessie James Decker and is a founding member of the Buffalo-based band The Etchings.

"Imagine that Stevie Wonder, Tears For Fears, and Jamiroquai got together one day." -Buffalo Rising


released December 21, 2018

1. Super Zero-Dellaneve, Harris.
Rocco DellaNeve-keys, synths, moog, beat production, Bass, vocals
Joey s. -Guitar
W, Harris- beat production

2. Gotta wonder (Rocco DellaNeve, Wes Harris)
Rocco DellaNeve-vocals, keys, synths, Moog Bass, beat/production
W. Harris-beat/production
K. Urso-Guitar

3. Big riddle-(Rocco DellaNeve)
Rocco DellaNeve-vocals, keys, synths, Guitar, E. Bass, production
Tim Clark -trumpet
Jamie Hert-add. Guitar
Joey S-add. Guitar
Adam Zukic-add. Production
Steve Padin-drums, perc

4. Come to the light (Rocco DellaNeve)
Rocco DellaNeve-vocals, keys, synths, Guitar, Moog Bass, production.
Kevin Urso-Guitar
Steve Padin-drums, percussion
W. Harris-beat production
Zuri Appleby-background vocals.

5. My Reality (Rocco DellaNeve)
Rocco DellaNeve-Vocals, keys, Synths, Guitar, Bass, beat production
Joseph Secchiaroli- Guitar Steve Padin-Drums

6. Of all the Lies (Rocco DellaNeve)
Rocco DellaNeve-Vocals, Piano, Synths, Guitar, Bass, Beat Production
J. Secchiaroli-Guitar Steve Padin-Drums, Percussion

7. Heaven Forbid (Rocco DellaNeve/Kevin Urso)
Rocco DellaNeve-Vocals, E. Bass, Clavinet, Synths
Kevin Urso-Guitar Mark Marinaccio-Piano, Organ Steve Padin-Drums, Percussion

8. Waiting a Lifetime (Rocco DellaNeve)
Rocco DellaNeve-Vocals, Piano, Prophet, Minimoog Voyager, Guitar, Bass, Beat Production
Joseph Secchiaroli-Guitar Steve Padin-Drums, Percussion

9. Winter’s Cold Enough (Rocco DellaNeve)
Rocco DellaNeve-Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Synths, Guitar, Moog Bass, Beat Production

10. What’s it Mean? (Rocco DellaNeve, Wes Harris, Zuri Appleby)
Rocco DellaNeve-Vocals, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Prophet, Guitar, Moog Bass, Beat, Production
Wesley Harris-Beat Production Zuri Appleby-Bass

Recorded at House of Logic Audio while in Buffalo, and End of Era Studios in NYC. Engineers: Rocco DellaNeve, Adam Zukic, Wes Harris, Joseph Secchiaroli, Matt Kiss.

Mixed in Los Angeles by Adam Korbesmeyer with Rocco DellaNeve.

Mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering.

Additional Production: Adam Korbesmeyer, Joseph Secchiaroli, Adam Zukic, Wesley Harris.

Synths I know were used: Moog Opus, MiniMoog Voyager, DSI Prophet 6, Prophet 08, Roland Juno 60, MelloTron, Korg Poly 6, Nord Stage 2.

Jaclyn Schauer-Front Cover Artwork
Matthew Grote- Logo Design


all rights reserved



Rocco of the Snow New York, New York

Rocco of the Snow is a New York City-based multi-instrumentalist & producer/engineer hailing from Buffalo, NY. In his music, you'll hear his Romantic era/Jazz sensibilities mixed with four-on-the floor dance grooves, funky key-basslines, analog synth-heavy production, and introspective bordering on self-indulgent lyrics, always coming together with the intention of holding melody to be paramount. ... more


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Track Name: Super Zero
What has happened to us?
I could’ve sworn we were made for a higher love.
Now I fear the fire’s gone out
And I don’t know if we’re better with or without…

What has happened to me?
Could’ve sworn I was made for prophesy.
Now I fear the vision’s all gone.
Can’t even tell the weather...the weather.

Got the faintest view of what might happen.
What you thought it was all a certainty?
It just might be, but I’m just guessing.
Anyway, as I was saying... Heaven..
No, it ain’t what you think.
We’re on the brink-
The pale blue dot, though we ain’t on it.

So am I supposed to be your hero
or superzero?
God, let me know.
We can build a better today for tomorrow,
but it all depends on whether you gon’ let the reins go
Track Name: Gotta Wonder
Don’t need a reason to close up shop
These formalities, There of no use to me here on top
Lotta people have dropped for me to be where I am-
Fell just like beads of sand….And I gotta wonder….

What can you tell me from marks on my hands?
Ever so slowly you go right to the end
And read the captions as loud as you can
Show (tell) how to follow the who, where and when
A lot of images rise and fall just as you’d expect them to
It’s what you wanted what you wanted
All this time they meant nothing to you
When will they mean something to me?”
You gotta wonder…

You mean to tell me my reign is through…how can you be sure?
Are your visions pure? I think not!
I oughta have your head for this…but I’ve much to lose.
Put yourself in my shoes…and I gotta wonder…
Track Name: Big Riddle
The world is caving in around us.
One more reason to open up.
Don’t wanna go out with our eyes shut.
As it draws closer we pull ahead.
Hiding out where the earth has bled.
If you fall first, I’ll be there pretending for dead..
But we’re not even there yet.

Let’s chill and just see where it goes.
It can all fall apart and everyone knows.
I’ve been worried bout it long enough
And the worst that can happen answers to the big riddles.
Meaning the indefinite you
The you as in we like it’s gotta be
Beyond a silhouetted mania I can’t think of anyone I’d rather survive with.

Without all the wonders once afforded,
We can wage war with the time that’s left.
Nothing ever seemed to be this important before.
One eyed man is the king of the blind.
No more closer to the grand design
Well gather your thoughts let’s get ready to fly
And find out why

After a couple years of evolving
We can float on over all this baby.
With a gentle sway in the right direction
We can shift currents with ease
And for once impact the patterns that we please
Wake up tomorrow won’t remember a thing
When the big picture’s on a postcard
Say “well that was nice and just discard”
Can ya tell me, Who knew us to expect we’d make it through the worst
Well I finally believe it’s for the best,
Butl in order to get that and all the rest first…
Track Name: Come to the Light
What have you done?
You’ve made it hard for everyone
With your eyes gone numb staring up at the sun
You took the easy way and then blew it up, yet think it’s ok
Still, you’re gonna find yourself at the end of the day.

Pay attention to the signs.
There’s nobody else who can help you decide.
Don’t expect the voices to ever subside
They wanna know if you’re ready for the sacrifice.

Come to the light
You know you do it cause it feels right
Can’t turn away
Try as you might
Cause it’s where you belong
Finally come to hear the final song
No need to wait.
It won’t be long.
Come on and come to the light

Who could know how much you get when you just let go?
Kick your heels up and just enjoy the show?
Listen as the music plays the cadences of everyday
Phrases that couldn’t lead any other way.

We have yet to make our mark,
But we’ve had all that we needed right from the start.
Don’t you know I’d follow you into the dark,
But I’ll never need to because I know our part is to…
Track Name: My Reality
Lately I’ve been thinking about what I do with my time
And I can’t help but wonder why
My thoughts are suddenly starting to rhyme,
But they give me a reason to be alive.
Call it strange. Say what you will I’d probably agree.
It’s not gonna change. Those who know beg on their knees
Leave me mine and put your mind at ease.
Woah please…

So listen closely. Back up if you wanna hear tomorrow early.
Go on, prop the sky up. Don’t count on us waiting to dress our names up.
Oh, no- Not me. I’d rather be playing to the only vision I need.

Let me be me, Let me be me
I’m telling you now so I don’t have to say sorry.
Let me be me, I got to be me
Well you can take it or leave it but see you gotta
Let me be me, Let me be me
It’s about time you take me seriously
Let me be me, I gotta be me
Cause at the end of the day, it’s just me and My reality.

All of your wishing won’t change my ways
Honestly, try to feel me out, well just hear me say-
Waste your time, but let me keep my days.
Carefully, they try and suggest we take a different style.
That may be the smart thing to do after a while…
I can’t help but have to hint a smile.

You can throw him in the fireplace
Or you can hold it all in and save your grace.
It’s only made up of a couple of strings,
You can pull them apart and see what it brings.
Is it better to be true or a funny version of it?
Track Name: Of all the Lies
Our story's set in a studio
On a winter day
Two lovers meet out of the blue
With a touch of gray
They play progressions and sing their souls, it was meant to be.
It was love at first listen ‘til eternity.

Of all the lies that you told to me
There is one most dear to my heart
Four letter word for a fantasy that has all but fallen all apart
Of all the lies that you told to me
There is one I wish to be true
It's such a beautiful work of art
And if only it were the story of me and you.

Next chapter finds our heroes save each other's lives
From darkness they learn to love the light
And their music shines
Finding that all of humanity could use love too
They set out to awaken ears and open minds
Track Name: Heaven Forbid
It’s been said there’s a cure for a heavy head.
Heaven forbid it. Instead, I wanna make it safe to go to bed.
You can bet- my alarm’s waking my regret.
I wake up in cold sweats and I can’t get the taste of you off my pallet.

You were my dream or the best I’d seen
Now the haze it fades, you know what I mean.
Take it from me-I’m practically free
But it was worth the run, you’d have to agree.

Take your time.
All that runnin...gonna lose your mind.
Heaven forbid it.
I find when life it gives you love, gotta let it shine.
Cause ya don’t know when you’re gonna find another one to defend
We don’t exactly lay low and you know art’s not supposed to take control.

But now I question the point
of revering the past at all.
Was I outta my mind?
You’ll be happy to find
it’s all out of you.

I invented someone new.
I finally got a sun to wake up to.
And all the skies appear appear more true
after they’re beaten black and blue.
Now it’s all on me, but it’s always been the way that it had to be.
Cause after a while it made more sense to be alive in present tense.

All the goodbyes we gave up
You can’t say we’re gonna take ‘em seriously.
Or maybe it’s just meeeeeeee!
Track Name: Waiting a Lifetime
I’ve been told there’s a magic out there.
Well If there’s a spark of life still alive I’m dying to see
Cause I’ve been holding out for a miracle
But Emptiness is all that stares back at me.

So I keep me nose to the grindstone
And I hold my ear to the ground praying for a sound
Just as I’m bout ready to give it up
I realize that you’ve been here all along

I’ve been waiting a lifetime baby
and I don’t mind waiting a couple more
But it feels right now in the moment
Maybe I found out what I’ve been waiting for

Yeah I know it might seem totally crazy
But we owe it to ourselves just to check it out
And who knows the time may have passed us by
But if die, well I won’t wait to meet you again.

So we gonna feel it out and put your mind at ease.
We can shake it up. Be here now.
We just vibe it out the way we always do.
So put your worries away.
Tell me that it don’t feel good.
Let’s just play it out
And listen to the sound.
So go and live it up. Yeah!
Track Name: Winter
Hey babe, it’s morning.
I really hate to wake you but I’m leaving
Not much of a warning.
But I just can’t go on like I been feeling, no.

We’re two different people
Who seem to be growing further everyday.
Maybe it’s better.
Maybe it’s gonna be better this way.

Cause the summer’s over and so are we.
And I’m tired of living this fantasy
I know we both pretend that we can live happily
But this ain’t enough for me, baby
Cause the snow is gonna blow any day
So let’s go and get this hurt out the way
We can still be friends if that’s what you wanna do
But the winter’s cold enough without you

Please don’t get angry.
We owe it to each other to understand.
We both been hurting
Even though it seems we’ve done all that we can
Trust me-In no time
We both are gonna end up better in the end
I’ll always remember
All the good times way back when.
Track Name: What's it Mean?
These days I’m having trouble
Living life like I should
I wring my head out til it’s dry
But no use, and no excuse
Hell, why do I even try?
But I recognize all of the cries,
the familiar pleas.
I wish that they’d just leave me be.
But they won’t. Still they will
Get the best of me.

What’s it mean?
When your soul it still shines through the seams
Yet you’re questioning all of your dreams
And where you’re heading too
Trying to figure out where you’ve been. Kill the fear
That’s been building up with every year.
Before you know it it’ll all disappear.
And what you’re left with…
Finally it’s all crystal clear.

Sometimes I sit inside my head all day
Trying to figure out the next move to shoot me on my way.
I try to make the best out of today, but I have trouble.
Sometimes I struggle
And I remember thinking back as a child
“What’s this all about?”
Assuming by the time I was this age I’d have it figured out.
It seems I still got some ways to go,
But I still do all I can til I understand.

Tell me what’s it all mean
Who am I supposed to be?
Where are we going?
Can’t somebody Show me?
Help me, Help me please...

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